Issue #60 - Chad Etzel

Today I'm featuring Chad Etzel (creator of Sticker Doodle).

Issue #59 - Adam Overholtzer

Today I'm featuring Adam Overholtzer (creator of Time's Up and Cheatsheet).

Issue #58 - Cameron Deardorff

Today I'm featuring Cameron Deardorff (creator of Landscape: Mountaineering).

Issue #57 - Samuel Coe

Today I'm featuring Samuel Coe (creator of Relate).

Issue #56 - David Steppenbeck

Today I'm featuring David Steppenbeck (creator of McClockface).

Issue #55 - Ryan Ashcraft

Today I'm featuring Ryan Ashcraft (creator of FoodNoms).

Issue #54 - Ivan Sapozhnik

Today I'm featuring Ivan Sapozhnik (creator of Pasty).

Issue #53 - Sindre Sorhus and One Year Anniversary

Today I'm featuring Sindre Sorhus and celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Indie Dev Monday.

Issue #52 - Russ Shanahan

Today I'm featuring Russ Shanahan (creator of Happy Scale).

Issue #51 - Zachary Lineman

Today I'm featuring Zachary Lineman (creator of Jellycuts).

Issue #50 - Announcing plans for One Year Anniversary

Today I'm announcing the one plans for the Indie Dev Monday One Year Anniversary.

Issue #49 - Karan Pandya

Today I'm featuring Karan Pandya (creator of Liftr).

Issue #48 - Alex Andrews and Matt Waller

Today I'm featuring Alex Andrews (creator of Waay, hearEQ, and Beat Mirror) and Matt Waller (creator of Pearl).

Issue #47 - Christian Mitteldorf and Liz Brenner

Today I'm featuring Christian Mitteldorf and Liz Brenner (creators of FI Scouts).

Issue #46 - Will Taylor

Today I'm featuring Will Taylor (creator of BP Bot).

Issue #45 - Jordan Morgan

Today I'm featuring Jordan Morgan (creator of A Best-in-Class iOS App and Spend Stack).

Issue #44 - Chris Wu

Today I'm featuring Chris Wu (creator of Museum Shuffle).

Issue #43 - Daniel Jilg

Today I'm featuring Daniel Jilg (creator of App Telemetry).

Issue #42 - Filip Nemecek and Simon Stovring

Today I'm featuring Filip Nemecek (creator of SwitchBuddy and #iOSChats) and Simon Stovring (creator of Scriptable and Data Jar).

Issue #41 - Ryan Klumph and Lybron Sobers

Today I'm featuring Ryan Klumph (creator of Artbox) and Lybron Sobers (creator of Health Auto Export).

Issue #40 - Majid Jabrayilov

Today I'm featuring Majid Jabrayilov (creator of CardioBot, NapBot, and Swift with Majid).

Issue #39 - Jordi Bruin

Today I'm featuring Jordi Bruin (creator of Soosee and Unute).

Issue #38 - Nick Nikeforou

Today I'm featuring Nick Nikeforou (creator of Coffee Cup).

Issue #37 - A Reflection of Interview Questions

Today we reflect on the questions Josh has asked indie developers in Issue #1 to Issues #36.

Issue #36 - Charlie Chapman

Today I'm featuring Charlie Chapman (creator of Dark Noise and Launched).

Issue #35 - Shihab Mehboob

Today I'm featuring Shihab Mehboob (creator of Aviary and Vinyls).

Issue #34 - Chris Hannah

Today I'm featuring Chris Hannah (creator of Text Case).

Issue #33 - Aaron Pearce

Today I'm featuring Arron Pearce (creator of HomeRun, HomeCam, HomePass, and HomeScan).

Issue #32 - Wessley Roche

Today I'm featuring Wessley (creator of Everlog and LEDit).

Issue #31 - Devin Davies

Today I'm featuring Devin Davies (creator of Crouton and TickTot).

Issue #30 - Josh's Favorite Moments

Today we look back at some of Josh's favorite moments from Issue #1 to Issues #29.

Issue #29 - Sawyer Blatz

Today I'm featuring Sawyer Blatz (creator of Nudget).

Issue #28 - Victoria Park and Makwan Barzan

Today I'm featuring Victoria Park (creator of Fraction Math Pro) and Makwan Barzan (creator of Locale).

Issue #27 - Arnaud Joubay

Today I'm featuring Arnaud Joubay (creator of No Meat Today).

Issue #26 - Greg Pierce

Today I'm featuring Greg Pierce (creator of Drafts).

Issue #25 - Ben Patterson

Today I'm featuring Ben Patterson (creator of Postly Pro).

Issue #24 - Renato Gonçalves

Today I'm featuring Renato Gonçalves (creator of Roger).

Issue #23 - A Year In Review

A year in review.

Issue #22 - Yilei Yang

Today I'm featuring Yilei Yang (creator of dA Baby and dA 5tar).

Issue #21 - Tyler Hillsman

Today I'm featuring Tyler Hillsman (creator of Pennant and Sticky Widgets).

Issue #20 - Michael Temper

Today I'm featuring Michael Temper.

Issue #19 - James Thomson, Travis Stanifer, and Josh Holtz

Today I'm featuring James Thomson (creator of PCalc and Dice), Travis Stanifer (creator of XLaunch), and Josh Holtz (ConnectKit).

Issue #18 - Frederik Riedel and Prasanna Gopalakrishnan

Today I'm featuring Frederik Riedel (creator of Homie) and Prasanna Gopalakrishnan (creator of Horizon).

Issue #17 - Becky Hansmeyer and Cesar Palma

Today I'm featuring Becky Hansmeyer (creator of YarnBuddy and Scribblet) and Cesar Palma (creator of Days OnSite).

Issue #16 - Kushagra Agarwal and Heidi Helen Pilypas

Today I'm featuring Kushagra Agarwal (creator of Cone and Unwind) and Heidi Helen Pilypas (creator of When Did I and Capsicum).

Issue #15 - Oskar Groth and Damir Stuhec

Today I'm featuring Oskar Groth (creator of Sensei) and Damir Stuhec (creator of Highlighted and Moonlight Express).

Issue #14 - Antoine van der Lee and Matthias Gansrigler

Today I'm featuring Antoine van der Lee (creator of RocketSim) and Matthias Gansrigler (creator of Yoink).

Issue #13 - Andrew Rodebaugh and Michael Tigas

Today I'm featuring Andrew Rodebaugh (creator of Mirror Journal) and Michael Tigas (creator of Focused Work).

Issue #12 - Ben Noland and Anders Borum

Today I'm featuring Ben Noland (creator of Burpee Hero) and Anders Borum (creator of Working Copy and Secure ShellFish).

Issue #11 - Alexandre Colucci and Rodrigo Araujo

Today I'm featuring Alexandre Colucci (creator of Clatters) and Rodrigo Araujo (creator of Charty).

Issue #10 - Indie iOS 14 Widgets

Indie iOS 14 Widgets from 54 apps.

Issue #9 - Simon Grimm and Tanmay Sonawane

Today I'm featuring Simon Grimm (creator of Ionic Academy) and Tanmay Sonawane (creator of Soor).

Issue #8 - Daniel Alm and Hasan Kassem

Today I'm featuring Daniel Alm (creator of Timing and PocketCAS) and Hasan Kassem (creator of Mockup).

Issue #7 - Enid Hadaj and Daniel Gauthier

Today I'm featuring Enid Hadaj (creator of Whiteboard by Nidi) and Daniel Gauthier (creator of Oh Bother).

Issue #6 - Paweł Madej and Malin Sundberg

Today I'm featuring Paweł Madej (creator of Family Graves and Code Conf) and Malin Sundberg (creator of Orbit).

Issue #5 - Jonathan Ruiz and Emmanuel Crouvisier

Today I'm featuring Jonathan Ruiz (creator of Lockne) and Emmanuel Crouvisier (creator of CardPointers).

Issue #4 - Chris Vasselli and Nghia Tran

Today I'm featuring Chris Vasselli (creator of Nihongo) and Nghia Tran (creator of Proxyman).

Issue #3 - Xiaogang Zhang and Mustafa Yusuf

Today I'm featuring Xiaogang Zhang (creator of Woodpecker) and Mustafa Yusuf (creator of Tasks).

Issue #2 - Eliz Kılıç and Christian Selig

Today I'm featuring Eliz Kılıç (creator of Dilims) and Christian Selig (creator of Apollo).

Issue #1 - Simon Nickel and Kane Cheshire

This is it! This is the first issue of "Indie Dev Monday". I didn't know that I would be starting up a newsletter one week ago... but here we are! I would like to thank all the early subscribers and followers that showed excitement for the launch of this newletter! I wasn't sure what kind of reactions my announcement would receive but I'm filled with so much hope and excitement already 🤗