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📆 Today’s issue is the last issue of 2020 🥳 Being the last issue of the year, it seemed appropriate to do a review of this year and all of the indie dev’s that have so graciously answered my questions!

Going into this year, I had very little knowledge of the indie dev community. I knew of some indie devs but I wasn’t specifically paying attention to anything. I ended up discovering Charlie Chapman and his Launched podcast. Charlie has a very inspirational story himself but also interviews other indie developers about their app launches and stories. I binge listened to a bunch of Launched episodes in one day and it snowballed into an indie dev addiction 🙂

On July 21st, I announced my launch of Indie Dev Monday. You can read it (again) here. One of my goals with Indie Dev Monday was a little bit selfish 😇 I wanted to connect with and learn more about other indie developers. I wanted to learn their stories, what drives them, and where their inspirations comes from. I’m happy to say I succeed at this goal 😉 But I didn’t want to keep all of this to myself. The result was weekly newsletters with spotlights on one or two indie developers.

The final numbers for this year were 39 indie developers across 19 different countries!

You can read all of their stories here.

Below is a map and index of all of the indie devs 👇

This map will also always be available at indiedevmonday.com/map and will be updated after every new issue 💪

Indie DevLocationIssue #
Aaron Pearce Rotorua, New Zealand 33
Adam Overholtzer California 59
Alex Andrews Toronto, Canada 48
Alexandre Colucci Munich, Germany 11
Anders Borum Copenhagen, Denmark 12
Andrew Rodebaugh Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 13
Andrew Yates San Francisco, CA 64
Antoine van der Lee Spanbroek, Netherlands 14
Arnaud Joubay Limoges, France 27
Becky Hansmeyer Nebraska, USA 17
Ben Noland Meridian, Idsaho, USA 12
Ben Patterson Arlington, Texas 25
Cameron Deardorff Colorado Springs, CO 58
Cesar Palma Calgary, Alberta, Canada 17
Chad Etzel San Francisco, CA 60
Charlie Chapman St. Louis, MO, USA 36
Chris Hannah Hertfordshire, UK 34
Chris Vasselli Putney, VT, USA 4
Chris Wu Florida, USA 44
Christian Mitteldorf Sydney, Australia 47
Christian Selig Halifax, Nova Scotia 2
Damir Stuhec Jeruzalem, Slovenia 15
Daniel Alm Munich, Germany 8
Daniel Gauthier Ottawa, Canada 7
Daniel Jilg Augsburg, Germany 43
David Steppenbeck United Kingdom
Devin Davies Christchurch, New Zealand 31
Eliz Kılıç Ankara, Turkey 2
Emmanuel Crouvisier Miami, FL, US 5
Enid Hadaj Tirana, Albania 7
Filip Nemecek Pardubice, Czech Republic 42
Frederik Riedel Berlin, Germany 18
Greg Pierce Fort Worth, TX, USA 26
Hasan Kassem Southern Lebanon 8
Heidi Helen Pilypas Adelaide, South Australia 16
Ivan Sapozhnik Munich, Germany 54
James Thomson Glasgow, Scotland 19
Jonathan Ruiz Los Angeles, CA, US 5
Jordan Morgan Nixa, MO 45
Jordi Bruin Amsterdam, Netherlands 39
Josh Holtz Chicago, IL, USA 19
Kane Cheshire Hertfordshire, UK 1
Karan Pandya Toronto, Canada 49
Kushagra Agarwal Bengaluru, India 16
Leo Mehlig Berlin, Germany 63
Liz Brenner Oslo, Norway 47
Lybron Sobers Malmo, Sweden 41
Lyzzi Brooks Milwaukee, WI 61
Majid Jabrayilov Baku, Azerbaijan 39
Makwan Barzan Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq 28
Malin Sundberg Vancouver, BC, Canada 6
Matt Waller Austin, TX 48
Matthias Gansrigler Vienna, Austria 14
Michael Temper Vienna, Austria 20
Michael Tigas Melbourne, Australia 13
Mustafa Yusuf Mumbai, India 3
Nghia Tran Saigon, Vietnam 4
Nick Nikeforou Essex, United Kingdom 38
Oskar Groth Stockholm, Sweden 15
Paweł Madej Kielce, Poland 6
Prasanna Gopalakrishnan Melbourne, Australia 18
Renato Gonçalves Minas Gerais, Brazil 24
Rodrigo Araujo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11
Russ Shanahan Reading, PA 52
Ryan Ashcraft Redwood City, CA 55
Ryan Klumph Denver, Colorado, USA 41
Sam McGarry New York, New York 62
Samuel Coe Missoula, MT 57
Sawyer Blatz San Francisco, CA, USA 29
Shihab Mehboob Leicester, UK 35
Simon Grimm Münster, Germany 9
Simon Nickel Berlin, Germany 1
Simon Stovring Denmark 42
Sindre Sorhus Bangkok, Thailand Full-time open source and Mac developer
Tanmay Sonawane Mumbai, India 9
Travis Stanifer Lake Forest, CA, USA 19
Tyler Hillsman Kansas City, MO, USA 21
Victoria Park Irvine, California, USA 28
Wessley Roche Jávea, Spain 32
Will Taylor Lincoln, Nebraska 46
Xiaogang Zhang Zhengzhou, China 3
Yilei Yang San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA 22
Zachary Lineman Philidelphia, Pennsylvania 51

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