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We made it to the special edition 10th issue! Thank you to everyone who has been following along for the first nine issues ❤️

I love getting to know two indie devs each week and feature their origin stories but I wanted to give a little change up for this 10th issue 🙃

A lot of indie devs went straight to work when Apple first introduced iOS Widgets at WWDC in June of this year. One thing that surprised all of us was how quickly iOS 14 was going to be released without noticed in September 😇 Apple gave the developer community a mere 24 hour notice of the public release. This put a lot of us into a frenzy but the indie developer community took full advantage of.

On day one of iOS 14, the App Store had plenty of indie devs topping the charts and being featured because their apps were some of the few that had the new iOS 14 Widgets in them 🥳 News sites were also picking up on the indie dev successes. All of the cool new widgets were making headlines and it was so great to see! But…

There are even more indie devs with widgets that deserved to be seen. I also wanted to give a other devs more than 24 hours to finish up their widgets 😉 So I sent out this tweet calling out for screenshots of some indie widgets!

I did have a little bit of regret with how much work I was giving myself by receiving replies and DMs on the @IndieDevMonday account and my personal account @joshdholtz… but it was totally worth it ❤️

I hope you all enjoy the 57 indie apps with widgets that are shown below 👇 As usual, make sure to show support to these indie devs if you can! A follow, a like, a tweet, and a DM can really go a long way and make someone’s day 😊 Spread the love!

P.S. - I would love to know your thoughts on this special edition type of issue! Feel free to tweet me or DM me your thoughts and if you have any other ideas for future issues!

Indie widgets

Thank you to all 57 of you who sent me screenshots of your widgets! I hope I got everybody but plese send me a DM or email if not! I might also be doing another one of these issues in a few months when more widgets are made 😇 Stay tuned!

Now… enjoy some widgets!

(The order of these widgets was randomized. There is no particular order in which they are shown 🙃)


Nikola is a guardian for your Tesla, proactively helping you keep your car healthy and giving you access to essential data that is not available from Tesla


Stop forgetting what you read. Capture, organize and revisit important parts of your books

No Meat Today

Trying to eat less meat? Track your efforts / meatless meals, attract Cow face and use your history to decide if you should Meat on bone or Green salad at your next meal


Duplicate your Screen onto your Chromecast, Fire TV or Android TV!



Entropy is the best random episode generator for anyone who watches TV



Get the most points and cash back from your credit cards every day and find the right new ones to help you travel for free

Sticky Widgets

The absolute easiest way to put a sticky note on your home screen and edit it quickly


With CardioBot, you can easily understand the data captured by the Apple Watch so you can improve your lifestyle and discover notable patterns


Easily monitor in one place your brand name, product name or any other keyword on your favorite social networks


Relate is an iOS app that encourages you to build and maintain healthy relationships with people you care about


Countdowns is an app for iOS & macOS designed to help you count down to those important moments in life

Custom Photo Widget

Put photos on your home screen using the new iOS 14 widget system

Health Export


Create your own custom widgets with just a few taps

Watch Chess

Locket - Photo Widgets

Music View

MusicView is a simple client for Spotify and AppleMusic


Track your progress in the gym and discover new workouts with the most intuitive workout tracker on the App Store

Museum Shuffle

Japanese shipping tracking


Homely is a new app designed to make living with roommates easier. No more arguments over which chores to do, or money to pay, or forgotten items on a grocery list

Flight Status

Personal Best

Personal Best works in unison with Apple Health to turn your workouts into clever insights

dA Baby

Focus App

Focus is the best way to beat procrastination, stay motivated throughout the day and have a more productive work life


A beautiful and capable workout tracker for iPhone and Apple Watch



Beautiful, blazing fast and super powerful Reddit app for iOS


Adaptivity is an app for developers and designers to visualize how iOS's Size Classes and margins for layout, readable content and the safe area look on real devices and how they change with respect to orientation, iPad Slide Over/Split View and Dynamic Type size changes

Pi-hole Remote

Pi-hole Remote lets you quickly enable/disable your Pi-hole, as well as add domains to your whitelist/blacklist and view statistics such as top allowed and blocked domains!


Machine Learning powered sleep tracker for your Apple Watch and iPhone


The app to have all your repeating timers quickly accessible and so much more


Burpee Hero

A body weight exercise tracker where you do reps in real life to level up your hero


Träning is a new app that lets you track and set goals for your weekly workouts


Indie award-winning financial mindfulness app. Intelligent budgeting & wealth management


Unwind is a refreshing and a delightful app consisting of deep breathing exercises to help you wake up fresh, improve focus, and sleep bette


Makes managing your games collection easy and enjoyable

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