Happy Monday, everyone!

We made it to Issue #109! Thank you to everyone who read last week’s issue ❤️

Well… barely made it to Issue #109. This issue isn’t going to have the normal featured indie dev like the other issues have. My whole house got rocked by a nasty sickness (thankfully not COVID) this week. My son (20 months old) caught it first and then both me and my wife caught it. We ended up having to take a trip to the hospital today and that is where I’m writing this issue from. Everything should be okay now but it will still be a week of recovery for us.

But because of this and some poor planning on my part, I did not have time or energy to put up a featured indie dev. Family comes first ❤️

I have some awesome indie devs planned for the next few weeks and I can’t wait for you all to read the future issues!

However, I did want to provide you all with some content!

I’d like to introduce you all to Mikaela Caron (if you already aren’t familiar with her).

Mikaela is build an expense tracker app using SwiftUI, Swift Charts, PassKeys, and Xcode 14 beta. It will also have a custom Vapor backend using PostgrSQL and deployed to Heroku.

She is streaming every step of the app build process on her YouTube channel.

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