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iOS 16 is being released today and I have done absolutely nothing to any of my indie apps to prepare for it 😅 But I did want to see what everybody else has been doing so that is what today’s issue is all about! Big thank you to everyone who submitted their apps through my iOS 16 form 🙌 This issue would have been nothing without all of you 🥰

Side note… I did release something of my own last week so feel free to check it out if you have 👇 But first go look at all the amazing indie apps that are prepared for iOS 16!

iOS 16 Indie App Updates And Releases

Pi-hole Remote by Joost van den Akker

Lock Screen widgets, redesigned statistics (with Swift Charts), new icons, new pickers, improved keyboard behavior and more!

Cuisine: Inventory and recipes by Pierre Rochon

Welcome to Cuisine and its iOS 16 flavour! In this brand new version of Cuisine, brand new features, exclusive to iOS 16, are available: - You can now indicate one item in your grocery list as important with the new exclamation mark button. This item will then be shown in our new Lock Screen widget. No more reason to forget that important item! - Shared With You: Share recipes with family and friends and receive their shares. A new 'Shared with you' section has been added to the recipe tabs to display all those yummy recipes. - Shortcuts and Siri: Cuisine now allow you to use the Shortcuts app or Siri to speed up some common tasks such as: opening a recipe, creating a new recipe, scanning a recipe, scanning an item's barcode and searching your inventory. Soon, you will also be able to modify your inventory and grocery list. Here's what you can tell Cuisine to do via Siri: Scan barcode in Cuisine Scan barcodes in Cuisine Scan code in Cuisine Scan codes in Cuisine Scan item in Cuisine Scan items in Cuisine Scan recipe in Cuisine Add recipe in Cuisine Add a recipe in Cuisine Add new recipe in Cuisine Add a new recipe in Cuisine Create recipe in Cuisine Create a recipe in Cuisine Create new recipe in Cuisine Create a new recipe in Cuisine Search item in Cuisine Search for item in Cuisine Search for an item in Cuisine Find item in Cuisine Find an item in Cuisine Open recipe in Cuisine Open a recipe in Cuisine Search recipe in Cuisine Search for recipe in Cuisine Search for a recipe in Cuisine Find recipe in Cuisine Find a recipe in Cuisine Show recipe in Cuisine Show a recipe in Cuisine Thank You!

Hello There - Greeting Cards by Ryan Klumph

The only greeting card keepsake app you need, exclusively for iOS. - Lock Screen widgets - Swift Charts - Live Text - Shortcuts - Gorgeously designed in SwiftUI

MusicHarbor by Marcos Tanaka

MusicHarbor 4.5.2 brings new features for iOS 16, such as Lock Screen widgets, modern Shortcuts integration, and stats about music releases with Statistics.

Aviary 2 by Shihab Mehboob

Lock Screen Widgets, SharePlay tweet collaboration

Mercury Weather by Malin Sundberg & Kai Dombrowski

Mercury Weather is a completely new app that we’ll release for iOS 16 on Monday. In a nutshell, Mercury is a beautifully designed weather app that highlights the most important weather details to the user. Since our previously favourite weather app “Weather Line” went away, Kai and I have been looking for a replacement. When we couldn’t find an app that displayed data in the way we like, we decided to build Mercury. Swift Charts helped a lot for creating our hour-by-hour and a day-by-day weather charts. We’ve also added different Lock Screen widgets to the app, one that displays the current weather conditions and one showing the next sunrise/sunset time (we’re also planning on adding more widgets in the next couple of weeks). Here’s a quick feature list: * SwiftUI and Swift Charts * Home Screen widgets * Lock Screen widgets * watchOS app * watchOS complications * Smart Travel (When a user travels away from their usual home location, the location gets added as a saved location and is later merged back with their current location once they arrive back home. This allows a user to keep track of the weather at their current and home location while travelling without having to manage this manually)

Mango Baby by Yilei "Dolee" Yang

The main iOS 16 changes are new App Shortcuts and Lock Screen widgets: - App Shortcuts support for nursing, sleep, pumping timer actions. You no longer need to configure them in the Shortcuts app. Just speak to Siri "Mango Baby start sleep timer", or "Mango Baby switch nursing side". - App Shortcuts support for logging diaper and bottle. Just speak to Siri "Mango Baby log dirty diaper", or "Mango Baby log formula bottle". - App Shortcuts support for asking the last log. Just speak to Siri "Mango Baby when was the last diaper", or "Mango Baby last nursing log". - Support lock screen widgets for configurable single activity, recent activities, and today's summary. There is also an big feature (unrelated to iOS 16): - A new Growth tab.

Expenses: Spending Tracker by Hiroki Nagasawa

New lock screen widgets are available on iOS 16.

Crouton by Devin Davies

Weather in the meal plan! Cook soup when it’s cold and BBQ when it’s hot. Lock Screen widget to see what meals you have planned for the day.

ManGo - Anime & Manga Tracker by Joost van den Akker

Plant Daddy — Water Reminders by Jordan Hipwell

Contacts Journal CRM by Zulfi Shah

- Business Card Scanner: Scan business cards and save the information directly into your contacts, saving you from having to manually type in all the details! [built using iOS16's VisionKit enhancements, like DataScannerViewController] - Lock Screen Widgets - Charts

Launcher by Greg Gardner

Lock Screen widgets on iOS 16, Watch Face widgets on watchOS 9.

Kookin by César & Sofia at Ambi Studio

For this release we have implemented many of the new technologies for iOS16, such as: - Shared with you - Collaborative Editing - SwiftUI table - Lock Screen widgets We have also improved the design to make it more clear and delightful to use, such as how easy it is to schedule or tag a recipe simply by dragging it to the desired location in the sidebar. Part of this is also the major filter update, where users can set a completely customizable filter by combining duration, difficulty and added tags to really sort out irrelevant recipes for the time. The handsfree way of cooking with Kookin It has gotten a major upswing with the new Siri intents, where the user no longer need to have them set up manually to get started, it just works!

MusicBox by Marcos Tanaka

MusicBox 1.0.9 brings new Lock Screen widgets for iOS 16: • New Lock Screen widget to see your saved albums and songs. • New Lock Screen widget with quick actions to add albums and songs.

Adaptivity by Geoff Hackworth

Updated with the latest SF Symbols including support for variable color. Explore the new system font widths: standard, condensed, compressed, expanded and an undocumented extra expanded! Lock screen widgets to show random SF Symbols. And more...

ReelTime by Max Handelman

The highlights: - Lock Screen Widgets. Take a glance at your library the moment you pick up your phone. See your next upcoming movie or TV show with the Upcoming Widget, or see the latest change in your library with the Changes Widget. - Redesigned Detail Headers. Movie, TV, episode, and season headers have been completely redesigned. Featuring relevant details, posters, and a complete overview of your watched status. Along with this redesign is the addition of ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. - Home Screen Widgets. Some of the best parts of ReelTime are coming to your Home Screen. See your upcoming movies and TV shows, library changes, and TV show watched progress. --------- Full changelog: What’s New: - Redesigned detail headers for movies, TV shows, and TV seasons. - Added Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, TMDB, and Trakt ratings to movies, TV Shows, and TV episodes. - Added TV episode details. - Added an Upcoming Home Screen Widget. - Added a TV Progress Home Screen Widget. - Added a Changes Home Screen Widget. - Added an Upcoming Lock Screen Widget. - Added a Changes Lock Screen Widget. 
Bug Fixes & Improvements: - Fixed missing library changes when an item had multiple changes. - Fixed Unrated showing both TV shows and movies when it shouldn’t. - Fixed some TV shows and movies not appearing in Upcoming. - Added a section for the latest season to TV show detail views. - Added a setting to display all seasons in TV show detail views. - Added a confirmation prompt whenever you try to remove an item from your watched history. - Replaced the keyword-based Similar section in movie and TV show details with a more relevant Recommendations section. - Trakt user Ratings can now be added to TV episodes and seasons.

Apollo for Reddit by Christian Selig

Lock screen widgets, scroll stats, weather for location subreddits, copy text from images, and new app icons!

Alpenglow by Andrew Yates

- Like every other app, added Lock Screen Widgets. - Brand new Map widget with sun direction. - Improved forecast sharing.

Play by Marcos Tanaka

Play 1.2.4 brings new Lock Screen widgets for users to see and quickly access their saved videos.

Fast Math by Peter Schmidt

With iOS, Fast Math will offer Lock Screen Widgets! Basically, you can now add any widget that was previously only available for the Home Screen to your Lock Screen. Of course, the Lock Screen Widgets are tweaked to blend right in with Apples new Lock Screen design.

Scramble by Shihab Mehboob

Whiz by John McEvoy

Lock Screen widgets: service status and individual train line alerts Shared with You App shortcuts Look Around Full press release here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/593nbv1lq38eywb/220902%20-%20iOS%2016%20Update.md?dl=0

Get Sum by Shihab Mehboob

Tide Guide by Tucker MacDonald

I've added a wide variety of lock screen widgets so you can follow the tide conditions throughout the day. I've also used Swift UI's new charts to create beautiful new layout options throughout the app. App Shortcuts provide handy excerpts of information for specific reports like the Surf Report, Wind Conditions, and more. Also included some updates for the Watch app to get ready for Apple Watch Ultra!

CardPointers by Emmanuel Crouvisier

Lock Screen Widgets, App Shortcuts, Focus Filters, Shared with You, Passkeys, and a ton of new features to help folks use their best card for every purchase to earn more points.

Medical ID Record by Geoff Hackworth

Lock Screen widgets. There are rectangular widgets for viewing an Emergency Contact or up to three Personal Details items. There are also circular and rectangular widgets which just open the app (this requires unlocking the device).

TV Remote by Adam Foot

TV Remote 2.1 adds support for Lock Screen Widgets to be able to quickly perform remote commands, launch apps, switch sources and more - all from the Lock Screen! There’s also the ability to switch between rounded and square buttons and further improvements to themes too.

Landscape by Cameron Deardorff

New Lock Screen Widget showing the current Oxygen at your altitude!

Remote for AdGuard DNS by Joost van den Akker

AdGuard Home Remote by Joost van den Akker

Lock Screen widgets, new pickers, and improved pull-to-refresh behavior!

WristBoard by Adam Foot

WristBoard 5.2 brings the ability to write and send messages using Mail (as well as Messages) on a full keyboard on Apple Watch for models prior to the Series 7! There’s also improved Complication support in watchOS 9 as well.

Personal Best by Shaun Donnelly

- Lock screen widgets - Heart rate zones - New workout icons - Big visual refresh - New sharing fonts - Loads of bug fixes and improvements

Foodlapse by Chris Wu

Brand new app for iOS 16! https://impresskit.net/43c452e7-2089-4e72-a360-3f3302f2c078

TV Launcher by Adam Foot

TV Launcher 1.2 adds support for quickly launching live UK channels from the Lock Screen with all new Lock Screen Widgets!

Newly Released and Updated Indie Apps

Here are some newly released and newly updated apps from this past week! If you would like to possibly see your app in this list, please submit your app to the look at me form 👀

Countdowns Updated
Version 8 of Countdowns adds Lock Screen widgets, Siri Shortcuts, and more! Keep track of all the important events, birthdays, vacations upcoming in your life!
SnipNotes Updated
SnipNotes is a note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. The latest update supports iOS 16 and adds lock screen widgets, app shortcuts, search suggestions, find & replace, and a new scanner for barcodes and QR codes.
Tiny Timer Updated
Tiny Timer is a timer app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The latest update supports iOS 16 and allows users to pin timers to their lock screen. Tiny Timer also adds new shortcut actions for creating and controlling timers.
Version 1.5: - Mark upcoming bills as paid - Lockscreen widgets - Custom Reminder time - Lifetime subscriptions type to track lifetime subs - More options for subs Cycle & Duration - Custom app themes - Improved UI & notifications - Fixed bugs & minor issues

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